Fred Haghverdian
2015-10-27, 21:38
Today October 27 2015, I had my colon hydrotherapy session with Alla. It was my second one, however, it was my first with Alla. My first one was done last week elsewhere. Wow! Big difference between the two. My first one, they didn't do massage throughout the procedure. In which Alla's procedure, she did the massage since the start of the session to the end. It was a good deep massage and it felt good. Her machine controls the water temperature to fit the inner body temperature, unlike the other clinic. I will recommend Alla to anybody. She has good personality, and understand what she practices. I am very glad to have found her. God Bless her hands.
Olga Pronina
2013-02-15, 16:23
I have known for Alla 8 years. I first met her when she was doing her medical residency on her way to becoming a physician in Ukraine. I was gravely sick in that time and was waiting for a surgical consultation. It was at this time that Alla started telling me of the healing powers of a high fiber diet, fasting, and colonics. Her knowledge of the subject really peaked my interest and within a few days I was deep into her treatment plan. She opened my mind and changed my perspective towards healthy living forever. Since that time I have become a friend and also a follower of her lifestyle.
Diana and Paul Solden
2013-01-19, 13:22
Thank-you for helping us to achieve our health goals. Your care, experience and your great attitude helped both my husband and I loose weight. We understand now how we must care for our bodies and properly manage the foods we eat.

With gratitude, Diana and Paul Solden
Christine Bandel
2012-07-15, 22:30
For years I had heard of the cleansing available from colonics, but had opted to avoid what I thought might be an awkward situation. In my treatments with Tetyana I never felt awkward at all.

On a personal level, I found Tetyana to genuinely care about me. I am very happy to have met her and I am delighted with the results of my colonics. I feel I have so much more energy, my skin looks smooth, and clear, and I have also lost weight. I would highly recommend Tetyana to anyone interested in taking charge of their health.
Oskar Malinvery
2012-05-15, 11:12
I want to share with you my thoughts regarding Colon Hydrotherapy. This is the first time I had the procedure and I was skeptical and hesitant. However, since initial first session, I have completed seven additional sessions, and felt better and better after each one. I must say, your easy going and respectful nature along with your guidance, instructions and support made the procedure enjoyable and stress free.

I believe this procedure has tremendous healing value and consider it something I will likely do on a regular basis over the years to come, much like a visit to the dentist for teeth cleaning.
I would certainly recommend you to anyone who has health problems or just wants to maintain optimal health.
Susanna Jons
2011-03-10, 16:35
I would like to tell the amazing story of my transformation. It has been almost a year since I had my first appointment with Tetyana, and my family can not believe how much I have changed.

I am a 34 year old mom of two children. Two years ago I was living through the severe stress of a divorce. Being single and out of work, my life was a disaster. During this time I was depressed, gaining weight, and my skin was aging right before my eyes. It was so bad, I could not look myself in the mirror. To make matters worse, I began to also experience serious constipation. I felt in absolute ruins - 33 years but looking more like 50 and weighing 180 pounds. It was awful ...

Fortunately for me, I found Tetyana. She not only helped me with my physical problems, she also helped me psychologically. Eight procedures, and three weeks later I felt so much better. It was the boost I needed. I have since gradually changed my eating habits and no go regularly to the gym. Now I weight 110 pounds! My skin is flawless! I am absolutely confident in myself! It is sill hard, very hard to be a single mom, but I feel like I am more in control, and I enough energy to spare to get through even the most demanding days.

I now make a colonics a part of my health maintenance plan. I strongly advise those who have problems like mine not to wait. There is no reason to wait. I am glad I did not. Good luck!
Mark Gordon
2010-08-20, 21:31
My name is Mark. I am 44 years old.

I went to see Alla about half a year ago on the advice of my girlfriend. I must say that I was by the description of Colonics by my girlfriend, but despite her, I was skeptical configured. Before you I went to Alla for the first time I read a lot about what Colon hydrotherapy is, how it differs from an ordinary enema, and discovered that my constant fatigue and headaches may have been caused intoxication. I thought, what have I got to lose, so I went.

I did feel a little embarrassed, but Allas's great attitude put me right at ease. After a cycle of 6 procedures, my headaches are much much less frequent and I am sleeping a lot better.

As a male who was skeptical and first thought this procedure "was out there". I can say after having done that I am glad my girl friend persisted in suggesting that I go. It was the best thing I have done in a long time for my health. I highly recommend getting a colonic, and I highly recommend Allas.