Intestinal cleansing programs

The intestine or bowel is the segment of the alimentary canal extending from the pyloric sphincter of the stomach to the anus and consists of two segments, the small intestine and the large intestine. In humans, the small intestine is further subdivided into the duodenum, jejunum and ileum while the large intestine is subdivided into the cecum and colon.

Why do you need intestinal cleansing?

It is the fact that we live in is not the best environmental conditions, do not eat properly, breathe in pollutions, don’t have enough of physical activities, and have a high level of stress. Naturally, the body is not designed to deal with such a burden of toxins, high in carbohydrate food, preservatives, food additives and of course the level of stress. Over time, harmful substances begin to deposit on the walls of the blood vessels, in the lumen of the intestine, liver, kidney and gall bladder.

Intestinal cleansing - is a set of procedures and supplements, which are aimed at normalization of intestinal tract and organs responsible for detoxification and withdrawal toxic material out from the body.
Many chronic diseases can be caused by contaminated intestine. To get rid of them, you need to have intestinal cleansing in conjunction with the diet adjustment and physical activity.

Cleansing “step by step”

First you need to clean the intestines, liver and kidneys. Then the rest of the systems that are responsible for the removal of harmful substances from the body.
Why the total cleansing of the body should start with the intestine?
It's simple - the intestine is the main highway that takes everything in and out of the body. The food that we eat goes a long way, because the length of the intestine is a several meters. On the way out the nutrients from the food are being absorbed and unnecessary and undigested part of the food- eliminated from the body.
What exactly do we need to evacuate from the body?
The waste matter remains in the intestine. Thin-looking person can eventually accumulate a few pounds old fecal matter, which will never go out naturally. These harmful substances are very toxic and gradually begin to decompose and poisoning us.

When is a right time to do intestinal cleansing?

How do you know that it is a time to do intestinal cleansing? Observe yourself: if you have irregular bowel movement (constipation or diarrhea), frequent bloating, bad breath, fatigue, frequent colds, headaches, lethargy, depression, etc. –all that symptoms mean severe intoxication and the red signal for the urgent intestinal cleansing.

Intestinal cleansing programs at the Back to Balance centre.

In our center we have developed a range of programs aimed at the full body treatment. Given the recent advances of traditional and alternative medicine, we have developed intestinal cleansing programs that maximum effective, safe, and has a scientific basis. The program passed the test of time and has helped hundreds of patients.

  • Weight loss program
  • Constipation relies
  • Liver cleance
  • Gallbladder cleance
  • Parasite cleance
  • Candida cleance