Colonic benefits


The range of colonic benefits are truly staggering, way beyond that the most people can realize. We can see a truly three-dimensional picture of the morphological, emotional and energetic changes that colonic achieves in the body.
Colon is a large organ that ends Gastro-Intestinal tract. The colon functions are a waste removal, keeping an electrolytes balance and healthy level of hydration. On the top of that, healthy colon contains specific bacteria that play its role as a part of vitamin K and B complex synthesis.

Unfortunately, all of us are not ideal eaters. We all suffer from stress, ”eating on the run”, and as a reason- constipation IBS and different symptoms of indigestion. The practically indigested food, toxins, hormones and antibiotics from the meal that we consume, are very dangerous for a colon. These toxins are being reabsorbed from the bowel into the blood stream and in the same time they are depressing a good flora. It changes whole bacterial balance in the colon, makes Candida and staphylococcus overgrowth. The bad bacteria are producing some mucus, that affects digestion even more and it goes into a bad cycle.

By statistic in the colon of the average adult may be up to 6-8 kg (18 lbs) of toxic waste material. The most of that is a compressed fecal, fecal stones, dead cells, old mucus, parasites, heavy metals etc. The goal of colon hydrotherapy treatment is to remove of these negative elements and restore healthy flora.


After procedure colon stays toned, it helps with chronic constipation and improves general metabolism. A lot of patients have a feeling of emptiness in the abdomen, skin condition improvement, and general well being. A lot of patients with weight problems find much easier to lose weight after a few colonic sessions. A laboratory-confirmed benefit of colonic is the fact that the amount of cholesterol, nitrogenous waste and other toxic substances in the blood drops significantly.
This unique technology will allow you in a few sessions to improve the condition of the skin, to lose weight, to solve problems with the gastrointestinal tract, hemorrhoids, allergies, alcoholic poisoning.


Clean colon. The intestine contents (including toxic waste and compacted fecal) is carefully shredded (due to the large volume of injected fluid to the colon and abdominal massage) and removed (including some potential parasites).
Colon tone improvement. The filling and emptying of the colon during colonic session improves peristaltic activity, increases the tone of the colon muscular layer and provides natural and healthy evacuation.
Reconstruction of the colon shape. When colon hydrotherapy gentle toning water combined with abdominal massage helps not only eliminate bulging pockets of waste in the oral ulcers, and also it returns the intestine to form its natural state.
Immune system stimulation. The intestine is up to 80% of immune tissues, the functioning of which is sufficiently disrupted by constipation. As a colonic benefit it helps to normalize intestinal immune function.
Stimulation of the normal reflex connections. Almost all organs and systems of the body combined with the highly sensitive colon reflex connections. Washing the colon stimulates them and has a very positive effect on the whole body and one of the most important colonic benefits.
The normalization of water-electrolytic balance. The clean water is being absorbed from the intestinal track to dilute the toxins that are already inside the intestinal tissue. As a benefit of colonic it activates the cellular metabolism.
Improvement of blood circulation of the internal organs. Pulsating jet action of warm water positive effects on blood circulation in the prostate, uterus, kidneys and other internal organs.

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The colon can be called a "mirror of metabolic disorders". Colon hydrotherapy procedure - it's not just a simple colon cleansing but the process of communication with the therapist, who can help you to learn about your nervous, circulatory, gastrointestinal system as well as about your lifestyle and metabolism. The therapists competent advice it will help you maintain the beauty of the body and cheerfulness for a long time.