Colon Irrigation F.A.Q

What is the colon (colonic) irrigation?

Colon irrigation - is a safe and effective method of cleansing the bowel by repeated flushing with water.
And in the press and on television in relation to colon irrigation is a lot of different names. Is there a difference in the nature of procedure? Colon irrigation, colon hydrotherapy, colonic, bowel irrigation, intestinal cleansing - synonyms, and the essence of the method is virtually the same bowel cleansing.

What is the colon?

Colon - this is the final part of the human digestive system. Length of the intestine is about 1.5 meters in length and 6 cm in diameter. The main function of the intestine - removes waste, retain moisture and absorb the electrolytes and minerals. In addition, the intestinal flora contains bacteria that synthesize nutrients, such as a vitamin "K" or vitamin "B".

What does the colon irrigation as effective?

First, to cleanse the colon, we use a special equipment to do the procedure of colonic irrigation the maximum effective, painless, safe and aesthetically pleasing.
Second, during the 45-minute session to flush the colon is used to 60 liters of water passing a triple treatment (mechanical, chemical, biological).
Third, the content of colon is followed by a special abdominal massage, pressure point stimulation and some breathing exercises.
Fourth, during the procedure, specialist conducting it, talking to a patient, calm him down and remove emotional tension.

What is a goal of colon irrigation?

The waist material, which over the time being accumulated in the colon such a compacted feces, fecal stones, dead tissue cells, accumulated mucus, parasites, etc. may cause discomfort.
First, these wastes are toxic (poisonous). They enter the body in his bloodstream, and this produces the state of illness, fatigue and weakness.
Second, compaction reduces the ability of the intestine to absorb minerals and vitamins produced by good bacteria.
And, finally, the build-up to the walls of the intestine weaken muscle contraction, the sluggish decline is slowing the passage of food leads to constipation and, in the end - to the disorder of the gastrointestinal tract.

How can know if there any intestinal toxic substances?

The characteristic features of the presence of toxic substances in the colon are malaise, decreased immunity, runny nose, headache, back pain, constipation, fatigue, bad breath, body odor, fatigue, bloating, depression, pain in the sciatic nerve, etc.

Intestinal poisoning - this is a common phenomenon?

Yes, it is. The poisoning is not just limited to the intestine. Toxic substances may be present in different parts of the body: in the fatty tissue, joints, arteries, muscles, liver, gall bladder, lung, kidney, skin, etc. Colon irrigation (colonic) effectively removes toxic substances that affect the overall health.

But it is not only intestine that takes poisons out of the body. Why is it important to clean it?

Despite the fact that the lungs, skin, kidneys and liver also removes toxins, human historical experience has proven that a clean and rejuvenated intestine promotes the process of overall health. Colon irrigation (colonic irrigation) is the most effective way in which this process goes faster and easier.

Why not use an enemas or laxatives instead of colon cleaning?

Sometime it may be necessary to use a cleansing enemas or laxatives. But realistically, these procedures are not a substitute for deep cleansing of the colon. With an enema will be possible to cleanse the rectum, it is only 20 - 30 cm of the intestine. Typically, from 2.5 to 4.5 liters of water is recommended for this procedure. Laxatives, first, do not allow for qualitative purgation, and second, your body will eventually get used to them, and their effect will be greatly reduced.

Is there any pain during a session of colon irrigation?

Usually, the pain is a result of opposition and tension. Professional colonic therapist is able to carry out the procedure without any pain or discomfort. The most of the people like this procedure, especially the feeling of lightness, freshness and purity. Sometimes, during the procedure, muscle contraction leads to the release of significant amounts of liquid and waste into the rectum. It feels like similar to the formation of gases and causes the urge to empty. If this does happen, it is very fast and easy to carry.

Would you ever experience any sense of shame (embarrassment) during the procedure colon irrigation?

No, you will fully guarantee the preservation of dignity. During colonic session you will stay in a private room with your therapist, who understands the nature of colon irrigation procedure and helps you to cope with it better. After the small diameter tube will be introduced into the anus, your body will stay completely hidden. From the plastic pipes, water is supplied to the intestine, and then it leaves the body, taking the waste out under slight pressure. Inconvenience and the smell are completely absent.

What would you experience after the colon irrigation?

Usually, after colonic procedure you are feeling great. You may experience the joy of feeling healthy and clean. Any activity - whether it be work or exercise, will make you happy. Some people experience a decline in the intestinal muscles after washing, however, this phenomenon is usually well controlled and does not cause discomfort.

Is it is necessary to make a series of procedures to achieve a good result? Is this true?

It is important to know the ultimate goal. For example, if your goal is to get rid of colds, mild fever, headache or back pain, then maybe one or two procedures would be sufficient. However, if you want to overcome long-standing constipation and achieve the radical health improvement, you may require the periodic intestinal lavage in addition to diet and exercise.

Is the colon irrigation completely safe?

Yes, actually speaking, the use of new and advanced machines for the colon cleansing makes this procedure completely safe, even more than a regular enema. The only thing to keep in mind is the presence of some contraindications to the procedure.

How the colon irrigation as compared with the conventional enema?

The normal water enema only reaches rectum and lower part of the colon, while as hydrotherapy washed all colon (the length of which in adults is up to 2 meters). Colon irrigation is much more efficient than the usual enema. According to some studies "One wash is equivalent to 30 ordinary enemas."

How far the water does during colon irrigation?

The using of colonic may help to wash the entire colon. The small intestine is not involved in the irrigation. It is cleared by the medical laxatives.

Today, colon irrigation is being offered as wellness treatment in the beauty salons and rehabilitation centers. It seems that it can be conducted by any, more or less educated therapist. Is this true?

This is a profound mistake. Colon hydrotherapy is really a compound health improving technique. It can be conducted by the specialist with the special education and training. The specialist has to be licensed to be able to work with this equipment.

Would you need a doctor consultation before the colon irrigation?

The consultation with your doctor before the procedure is a very correct decision on your part. With certain complaints doctor must prescribe you the necessary tests to determine the presence or absence of contraindications to the procedure. If you are diagnosed with severe hemorrhoids, colorectal cancer, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease - colon irrigation is strictly contraindicated. Otherwise colonic irrigation is a safe procedure.

Is there any chance to get contaminated with some bacterial, viral or other infections by doing colonic in our clinic?

The modern equipment that we use for an irrigation of the intestine uses special methods of disinfection and disposable tips. Therefore, subject to the rules of procedures offered in operational documents, contamination is impossible.

How long the colon irrigation takes?

Treatment session usually takes about 45 minutes, but you should plan to visit about an hour.

Will the monthly the period contradiction for colonic?

No. This time is quite convenient for the treatment. Your body is already doing its self-purification which makes colonic much more effective.

Is there any feeling of weakness or discomfort after colon irrigation?

Usually not, but at the first procedure, when the withdrawal of toxins is very high, you may feel a little weak and have some mild nausea. If you experience discomfort, you can put a heating pad on the abdomen or drink hot tea. Usually these feelings pass within 12-24 hours completely.

How to prepare for colon irrigation?

Do not eat immediately before treatment, try relaxing and feeling safe.

Do I need to replace the intestinal flora after washing?

Acceptance of this supplement is recommended, but not necessary. Properly conducted intestinal lavage will not wash its own flora. Probiotic increases the effectiveness of treatment and balances micro flora. The most effective introduction of micro flora would happen while rinsing directly through the intestines. But if you want, you can take some probiotic supplement after the course of colonic irrigation.

Can I do my usual activities after colonic treatment?

Sure. You can work in the same way as usual after colon hydrotherapy procedure.