Body Wrap

Our Body Wrap for weight loss and inch loss helps you to look great and feel awesome in just ONE HOUR!

We are so excited to have this Slimming Body Wrap (mineral - herbal body wrap) as featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Our unique BODY WRAP procedure, based on the most effective minerals, herbs and essential oils formula, accompanied by infrared treatment, provides a slimmer look, better skin tone and tightening just in one hour! Be ready to lose up to 20 Inches*(1-2 inches from each measured area)!  At the Back to Balance Centre, we are helping our clients achieve the real results of weight loss and slimming fast. You are losing inches and weight not just by losing water, but by burning fat as well!  Our BODY WRAP formula will help to speed up your metabolism, detoxify your body and reduce cellulite. It will bring you more energy and make your skin texture nice and soft.

At the Back to Balance Centre we do not just specialize in treatments that help you to look better, but also make you feel better. All our treatments are formulated to improve overall health. You are not only getting slimmer but also getting healthier.  You will look better, feel better and be more relaxed!  Relaxation is a very significant part of the body wrap treatment as well. It is a pleasant and calming procedure where you can enjoy the aromatherapy and relaxing music. Let the BODY WRAP work while you are relaxing!

Stay relaxed, lose weight and feel great about yourself! 

Are you ready to start? Great! Always remember- the goal is to make you to get what you want!

  • Slimming Body Wrap   $95.00
  • Package of 5 Slimming Body Wraps (#5 is free!)………….$380?
  • Package of 10 Slimming Body Wraps (#9 and 10 are free!)……………$760

 The Back to Balance special formula for the Slimming Body Wrap (herbal-mineral Body Wrap formula) is safe and the most effective weight and inch loss procedure available today!

The unique formula of our herbal-mineral wrap helps to contour and detoxify your body by taking toxins out of the body mostly from fat tissue. The active components of the herbs into the body wrap formula increase metabolism into the fat tissue and activate the actual fat burn. You will experience immediate inch loss of up to 20 inches, your cellulite appearance will be reduced and your body will feel more energetic and rejuvenated. The mineral component leaves your skin soft, smooth and tight. 

How many treatments will you need and will just one Slimming Body Wrap be effective?

Yes! Even one treatment of Slimming Body Wrap will be effective and you will lose up to 20 inches, however, to achieve the best result possible you may need to repeat this procedure a few times with some interval in between. To achieve the maximum weight and inch loss potential, we recommend 5 to 10 slimming body wraps, at intervals of once or twice per week. It is also important to remember that you are not just losing inches but removing all the toxins and this full detox cannot happen by having just one procedure. Here again, we recommend 5 to 10 slimming body wraps, at intervals of once or twice per week.

  • Deluxe  Slimming Body Wrap     $125
  • Package of 5 Deluxe Slimming Body Wraps (number #5 is free!)………….$500?
  • Package of 10 Deluxe Slimming Body Wraps (#9 and 10 are free!)……………$1,000

Our Deluxe Slimming Body Wrap was designed for the most effective cellulite removal and maximum inch lost. It is a combination of the unique Slimming Body Wrap and infrared body wrap treatment. You are getting two treatments in one!  By adding infrared to the treatment, your body will be able to burn up to an additional 1300 calories!!! It is an amazing combination of cellulite and weight reduction with our Slimming Body Wrap and it’s super-effective herbal-mineral formula and infrared treatment!  Don't miss out on this opportunity to get slimmer and healthier!  

What does infrared treatment do and how does it feel?

  • The Infrared System provides deep penetration of the infrared heat into the fat tissue and improves the blood circulation around the fat cells. This process makes the underskin fat breakdown possible by increasing the speed of metabolizing fat cells by a few times! Also our Herbal-Mineral component allows the active elements of the herbs and minerals to penetrate into the skin deeply enough for the most effective and long lasting weight loss.
  • The Infrared System as part of the Body Wrap will make you sweat during the procedure by increasing your body heat. Your heart rate also will be increased to a healthy level as if you were having some cardiovascular exercise with one exception-it works while you rest!
  • The Infrared System can be used as many times as a regular Slimming Body Wrap.  By simply adding Infrared to your regular treatment you may lose an additional 1 pound in just one hour! 

One more time about our unique Body Wrap procedure benefits.

  • Weight loss and cellulite reduction
  • Water retention decrease
  • Body size reduction
  • Detox
  • Cardiovascular system exercise
  • Skin tone improvement 


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